Who to R3: Galvatron or Mirage

So, at first, I wasn't even planning to consider R3ing mirage. But I wanted to complete the AM objective, had some Tech T3 to spare, so I R2 maxed. To make sure I was good with him, I took him against ROK Mixmaster. Now, some context. I had only ever seriously fought mixmaster with my R5 maxed and duped WJ, and only got him to 75%. (also a while back, but still) So I messed around with Mirage, hit some SP3, and when the fight was done and over, Mixmaster was at 19%. I easily finished him with my prowl, and now I'm undertaking ROK with a team hand-made to synergies with Mirage(The three other bots not including Prowl and Mirage are all under 1,500 PI). But I digress.

The question now is whether to R3 mirage, who is unduped, or my duped Galvatron. Galvatron honestly is good, but feels contrived in his play style, and I always am forced to eat some damage with him, even though I've played with him for a couple of months now. However, you all are all going to ask about my team. It was easier for me to list it by class. All are 3,500 and above. The one in the class I use most is listed first. And only Prowl is a 5-star. Thanks guys.

Brawler: Tantrum
Warrior: Bludgeon, Scorponok
Scout: Kickback Prowl - I use them both equally.
Tech: Wheeljack
Demo: Tronus, (I also have a duped 4-star Galvatron. Wild)

Who to R3: Galvatron or Mirage 18 votes

Galvatron 5-Star, Duped
BeastdadChuck_CanuckTracked_SignalPhatBoy123Bntyhntr3232_billygovolsStarkiller7SlayerTechnobotScarredArachnid333OptimalOptimus_MV1Sycko5KittenPrimerprime5 14 votes
Mirage 5-Star, UnDuped
TsunamiIgoranHijacker2531Vanawsum 4 votes


  • KittenKitten Posts: 1,821
    Galvatron 5-Star, Duped
    It's a no brainer... easily one of the best damage dealers, with extra unstoppable and power gain now hes duped
  • Galvatron 5-Star, Duped
    Dew it
  • Galvatron 5-Star, Duped
    Yeah, Mirage can shut down opponent abilities.

    But you don't need to shut down abilities when you can shut down the opponent in a few hits.
  • Galvatron 5-Star, Duped
    Unduped mirage isn't amazing while duped galvie is amazing
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