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Potential Issue with the Gold Bee Relic...

So I placed my Gold Bee Relic on my Base after the last AM in the hopes of getting 10% more gold. That hasn’t been happening as I’m getting the same amounts of gold before & after the Relic placing. I just reached Level 60, so is it possible that the gold generation does’t get Relic bonuses after you reach a certain level?


  • Where don't you get the 10% bonus ?
    Base? Arena? Crystals?

    It would help to know, so that we can reproduce
    (I'm pretty sure myself it is working as I remember getting 126 gold in arena)
  • Are you referring to the "xxxx gold in x hours" text? The gold boost is calculated when you harvest.
  • I noticed it particularly with Spinning the Ore-13 Crystals and with Harvesting Gold from my base. I did a before and after comparison with the Ore-13 Crystals first, and I noticed that I still got 5500 gold whether or not I had the Bee Relic on the Base. Same thing happened after I harvested gold. I kept the bots on my base pretty much the same for a while now (except my last bot just got changed from Shocky to Primal). I looked at the harvesting gold before and after I placed the Bee Relic. That hasn't changed either.

    If it helps, I'll try and capture some screenshots over the next few days.
  • This has come up before. You have to compare the predicted value vs the actual harvest value. The easiest way to check is sell ore, since we are given the ore sale value without relic influence.

    Having said that, I have had to replace my base bots after ranking up to reset the gold generation values. But that is another issue not related to relics.
  • @Technobot the gold updated value is not displayed (except for arena fights I think) but the relic is applied when you add gold to your stash.
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