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5th week in generation event



  • My folks said 39915 is the max if the calendar stops after the 4th week.
  • My folks said 39915 is the max if the calendar stops after the 4th week.

    The same of mine ....
  • I can't see where you folks got 2500 more chips than I have, besides energon pack.

    Not that I care that much, but still curious.
  • VoltronVoltron Posts: 998
    edited September 2019
    ldny90 wrote: »
    Having 39415 already and 1750 in objectives seems strange...

    I have done everything possible and here am I:
    36915 in inventory
    1750 remaining in objectives
    250 in this week calendar

    So yeah, I will reach 40k at the start of 5th week.
    Too bad there won't be 5* to buy anymore in week 5...

    ok that is weird, it totally correlates with @jimbobthedog 's. im sorry, didn't mean to be a prick about it, but since i didn't spend a dime i just assumed everybody could have that much by now (i can show my purchase history if needed). one of my alliance mate has 36975 with the 1750+250 missing, which is only 60 more than you have, but still... it's more ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    you might have bought something else that came with gen chips. the most gen chip a F2P can have right now is 36915. on the last day of the 4th week (Wednesday refresh 9/25) is when we'll hit 40k..not 39915. the free chip schedule is one day early.

    edit: a couple weeks back there was some signature deals (i think) that came with gen chips.
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