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Who do I purchase?

Primerprime5Primerprime5 Posts: 853
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With the upcoming 5th week, I've got 8k chips, enough for 2 4* Bots. The primary Bots I'm looking forward to are
1) Arcee
2) Galvatron
3) Shockwave
I already have the 5* Galvatron and Shockwave, so should I still buy them as 4*s, or one of them with Arcee(I've only got a 2* Arcee)? Or should I buy some other combination of 2 Bots? Thanks in advance!

Who do I purchase? 22 votes

Galvs and Shocky
BeastdadGunz0KillMasterCMufc14HalloweendmA13X2017JmdTracked_SignalbillygovolsSlayerScarredArachnid333Sycko5CarrotBoy2kHijacker2531Decimus234iBKNightpathArklaineCellOmniscient 19 votes
Galvs and Arcee
Technobot 1 vote
Shocky and Arcee
Another duo( please specify)
Black_ThoughtCrossides 2 votes


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