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Give a generation relic during this generation event

It would be nice if you could give a generation relic, how about a relic that gives everything all the relics give so far so we don’t have to keep changing relics to be used in all game mods.
Another idea, how about a relic that gives more energon?
Also let us add up the relics so we can have 1 relic for a certain thing, like all the gold relics add up the percentage of each one, that would at least help not needing to change them all the time


  • iBKiBK Posts: 200
    Yeah, no. This isn’t happening. A relic that gives everything that relics give so far just because you can’t be bothered to switch them out? Sure, nothing could go wrong with that.
  • Darm0kDarm0k Posts: 2,485
    Another idea, how about a relic that gives more energon?

    Yes. Make it passive energon too. Say 1 energon per hour while the relic is active.

  • No relic this time around, sorry!
  • No relic this time around, sorry!

    And are you planning on introducing any relics at all recently? We have over a hundred relic tickets.
  • I still think we should be able to add the relics together so you can just have 1 of each kind and add the percentage to it, there are not many people in this game that wants to keep switching relics, totally ridiculous, or add more spots to put the relics on your base
  • A crit rate or damage relic would be awesome
  • No relic this time around, sorry!

    Maybe you all can consider this and bring in some new relics. It's about time. Most of us are sitting on a lot of relic tickets with nothing to buy.
  • This is an old thread...
  • GrooGroo Posts: 163
    Yeah, it’s an old thread, which makes it even worse. Sitting at around 120 relic tickets, what’s even the point of having these as rewards if no new relics are being added? Maybe time to either a) add new relics or b) replace relic tickets for something else as rewards since they are utterly pointless @Kabam Vydious
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