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Thank you Kabam Team

Hey Guys

I just want to thank on this way all the Mods, Admins and the rest of the whole team for your great work and support. Please keep this game for a long time on a incredible way in this universe and be sure to bring us some great and new content. :smiley:

A special thanks goes to @Kabam Vydious which support us in all kind of situation and which keeps the contact between the players and the team alive. You're doing a great job man!

I think we can't say that enough times.

Keep going like this @ALL!!

Greets B)


  • Agreed, keep it up, hopefully the player base returns with act 4
  • Y'ALL.

    This is so sweet and nice. You're very welcome!

    Thank you so much for this! I'm sharing this with everyone.

  • GrooGroo Posts: 163
    I gotta hand it to you as well, this month is really great, with more new content than we thought possible a few months ago, great job!
  • This month exceeded my expectations with the generations chips alone...but the generations event and Act 4?

    INSANE amount of content!

    Excellent rewards!

    Reason to grind!
  • Mufc14Mufc14 Posts: 643
    Thank you Kabam for this:
    I was disappointed in the beginning of the year for discontinued the new bots but since April you start taking steps forward and I hope you end the year with the announcement that we all wish to read.
    Thank you @Kabam Vydious for being thoughtful and generous with the community & please carry my gratitude to the rest of the team.
  • Count me among those giving thanks to the Moderators & Admins over these last 9 months. Many of the Commanders (myself to an extent included) have clearly been frustrated because it felt like the game was going nowhere since December of last year. We got a couple of new bots & some new content, but we were lacking that special “it” reason to keep playing on. We’ve seen a number of Top Spenders walk away from the game because they sensed all that was happening was the game was just going through the motions.

    I even began to suffer major burnout recently as I approached Level 60. Over the last several weeks, I have done limited Arenas because I was just tired all the time. The Anniversary Month was a nice diversion, forcing me to complete some challenging objectives. But the announcement of Act 4 has been a shot in the arm. Even my son is excited again about the game.

    Thanks for putting up with our grumpiness since January, Kabam. Most of us want this game to succeed, & we’ve been just hoping for something new to keep us engaged.
  • PhatBoy123PhatBoy123 Posts: 1,015
    I'll be more thankful when I see Warpath.
  • Mufc14Mufc14 Posts: 643
    That’s a museum @NidRob not a roster :o
  • HZEROHZERO Posts: 52
    I join in the congratulations for the great work in recent months.

    Only 1 thing left to crown everything and close the year with a flourish.

    "New bots every month".
  • Thank you so much for everything. Thank you for tolerating my snarky comment sometimes.
    By the way, my f100 4* Optimus has reached sig 97, waiting for that forge exp bug to be fixed. Please check it again.
  • Gunz0Gunz0 Posts: 2,949
    Thanks for keeping the game alive, even without Hasbro’s support. You guys are the REAL heroes
  • It ain't the perfect, but it is one of the best transformers game I've played.

    I love the story and bots' move sets.

    It feels like themselves. Not very cheesy.
    Some transformers games doesn't have it.

    I can really feel that people at Kabam likes transformers.

    For example, Waspinator.
    He is the pinnacle of passion.

    Everything about him IS him...

    Thank you Kabam!
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