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Thundercracker, It's SO hard!!

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I'll start by saying, oh my god!
This can't be real...

First of all, I'm not a good player.

I do play little bit better than before, but ain't that good yet.

Now my playing style is bit more agile, I can dodge attacks, can go up to 30 or more chain if I pay attention.

Well, not all the time. Say if I'm playing Tantrum. I don't use backstep at all. Since his sp 2 and 3 damages are just crazy with his buffs, I just spam dash-combo-heavy-block until sp 2 or 3.

For Galvatron, I fully charge the buff and spam heavy, like when I play Ironhide.

Prowl is my favorite, since his buffs are really easy to use, and with his sig and sp 1, he can just ignore opponent's sp most of times.

But none of it, none of it does work on TC.

MY GOD, I don't even have an idea about him.

I read his info on wiki and I still don't get it.

Why does he take so little damages? What's up with his buffs? How do I delete them? When does he get nullified (is this the right word?)?

When his at lower level, it's okay. But when I faced him on this 4 star event mission...

It costs me at least 3 bots to defeat him.

Well, he was at 4,000 or something and my guys are at 2,000 or lower, but it was just wicked.

He doesn't strike hard, but my hits are like nothing. Two digits.

And if I was able to stand for sometime, suddenly he gets nullified, and finally he is vulnerable. And then he becomes brick wall again.

How does he work? Is there any strategy to beat him?

Almost every bots in this game as an opponent was not particularly hard to beat so far. But TC...He stands above all other. What is with him?

Please, share your tips on TC. I have no idea ;(

Maybe it's just my skill, but isn't there any right way to face him? If I remember correctly, when I use sp 3 on him he got nullified, or it was just a coincidence...

Or is it with his mods? Is that it? Maybe...


  • Thundercracker on those mods is STRONG. Best way to beat him is use something like OG prime. His heavies won't work on TC, but his special would tear tc apart. It takes you a ranged hit, melee, and a special to nullify the buffs, which comes in around 20 seconds. I reckon that you go for the attack, save to a special 2, roll out and hit TC with primes special 2, it'll wreck him. Most taciticans are good against tc on the gen mission. Cyclonus, prime, bumblebee would be good options.
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    All I saw was the title and thought;
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    It's not TC himself, it's his Rampage Mod.

    His Rampage Mod is revolved around a powerful Resistance Buff, which mitigates almost all damage. The only way to work around this is to take out his Passive Melee, Ranged, and Special Attack Buffs.

    To take out Melee Buff: Hit him with a basic Melee Attack

    To take out his Ranged Buff: Hit him with a Basic Ranged Attack

    To take out his Special Buff: Hit him with a Special Attack.

    Doing all of this should take out his Resistance Buff for about 15~20 seconds (can't remember specific time; someone correct me if wrong). In this window of time, you can dish out as much damage as possible until his buffs regenerate and you would have to repeat the process again.

    I think Nullifiers could work against the Attack Buffs, but don't take my word on that.

    Hope this helps :)
  • BaRdYaAmN wrote: »
    All I saw was the title and thought;

    Thanks to you, i can't ever unsee it. >:(
  • BaRdYaAmNBaRdYaAmN Posts: 1,506
    BaRdYaAmN wrote: »
    All I saw was the title and thought;

    Thanks to you, i can't ever unsee it. >:(

    No problem ma dude 😄
  • Great title
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    I read the title and I wanted to yell out "that's what SHE said"
  • BaRdYaAmNBaRdYaAmN Posts: 1,506
    DrShotgun wrote: »
    I read the title and I wanted to yell out "that's what SHE said"

    Glad I'm not the only neanderthal currently alive today
  • People think you're driving a car, but they don't have proof.
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    Use Wasp
    BaRdYaAmN wrote: »
    All I saw was the title and thought;

    Is Kars the hottest JoJo villain Araki has created?
  • Can the mods close this thread. Or at least get it back on track? I’m asking nicely.
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    "thundercracker, it is SO hard"
    Hang on...

    ThAtS WhAt ShE SaID.
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    Oh boy i just saw @DrShotgun your comment Lmao
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