Another 20k Gen Chip poll

Since people are making their own threads asking which bot to buy, I guess I should make one myself.

So I currently have 2 bots in mind, which are Optimus Prime and Galvatron, and I’m somewhat leaning towards Galvatron as he’ll be a somewhat good replacement for 4* Megatronus in my AM team (which consist of Megatron, Shockwave and Tronus), but I’m also really looking forward to getting 5* Tronus through Generic Bot chips in the end of this year.

As for Optimus, while he certainly isn’t my favorite Tactician (far from Dinobot and Megatron), he still is a really great bot to have, and I just wanna complete my “exclusive bot” collection, currently only consisting of Tantrum :'(

So, my question is : Which bot should I buy with Generation bot chips? Should I buy Galvatron for AM, Optimus for spotlights and solo missions, or should I go for the third option, the Generation Bot Crystal, and let fate decide which bot I’ll get (hoping for a Windblade, OGP, Galvs or Bludgeon)

Here’s my current roster for reference

Another 20k Gen Chip poll 20 votes

JmdBlack_ThoughtJIMMY_SABBonesetterHUNOptimalOptimus_MV1Sycko5harsha1997KittenTransformator79Decimus234iBKFirebot 12 votes
Beastdadcreepshow5Iq2312 3 votes
RNGesus will decide which bot you’ll get (Sideswipe)
KillMasterCAustin555555Tracked_SignalANCIENTNEMESIS1Bntyhntr3232_ 5 votes


  • Optimus.
    OGP for solo mission use. I don’t think Galvy is great for AM. Like most that rely on ranged attacks, he’ll be at a huge disadvantage in room 1 (the toughest of all the rooms). Then he doesn’t excel again until room 3 really.
  • Iq2312Iq2312 Posts: 29
    edited September 2019
    Because galvy can finish a fight with a few hits
    Edit: Also Shockwave, Galv, Megatron/Cyclonus is a awesome team
  • RNGesus will decide which bot you’ll get (Sideswipe)
    RNGesus: Prepare to forfeit your souls! DEATH IS ONLY THE BEGINNING!
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