Ore-13 Crystal drop rates

First off I'm loving the crystals and rewards they give. I just wanted to see if anyone else thinks the relative drop rates of some of the items seem a bit unbalanced, specifically the ratio T3B and T2A drop. I get the top tier of the crystals, and although I do rank up my lower bots for forging, I am at the stage I'm focusing on 5* and 4* bots. I currently have about 15 T3Bs in my overflow stash, compared to having only 5 T2As in my inventory. The ratio of using T3Bs to using T2As when upgrading seems to be roughly 2-1, but the drop rates in the Ore-13 Crystals seems in my experience to more like 4-1 or greater.
Is anyone else experiencing this type of imbalance or is it just my RNG luck?
If it's everyone could Kabam look into a slight tweak to the drop rates?


  • The drop rates are revealed in the small icon on the banner. That's all we know. RNG is mysterious and all.
  • DrShotgunDrShotgun Posts: 2,061
    I'm still having good luck with these. It's the 5* shard missions that elude me
  • It's just RNG. Please don't encourage Kabam to tweak these crystals again. Our luck, it would likely end up being another nerf.
  • NorthernLightRCNorthernLightRC Posts: 90
    edited September 2019
    I spotted the drop rates are listed as 1.1% for T2A, 1.8% for T3B and 1.8% for T3C, it's just in my experience the drop rates for the others have seemed much lower compared to T3B. If no-one else has seen the same thing it must be my RNG luck.
    Request for retuning retracted! 😁
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