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Superior Scout? (No, not a scout rank poll.)

Hijacker2531Hijacker2531 Posts: 536
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I'm really mad right now. REALLY mad. I let RNG choose a gen five-star, and I got sideswipe. That hurt. Especially since I already had Kickback. But, I just wanted to make sure my circuits were straight. Who is better? They both synergize very well with my team, so let's not worry about that. It's simply THESE two scouts to rank up. Thank you.

Also, whichever is picked would be my secondary scout to my duped Prowl.

Please Explain. Especially if you chose Sideswipe.

Superior Scout? (No, not a scout rank poll.) 29 votes

JIMMY_SAB 1 vote
ManthroBeastdadGunz0KillMasterCDrShotgunserdoodBobnfloydSKJogameTracked_SignalDatBoiPlayzYTMr_WonderfulBntyhntr3232_billygovolsStarkiller7ScarredArachnid333OptimalOptimus_MV1Sycko5SparkEaterKittenTransformator79 28 votes


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