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Forged to Fight playable version of iPhone without lag

Hi all,

I want some advice regarding Iphone device for F2F game..Which device out of below list can run F2F smoothly

Iphone 8
Iphone X
Iphone XR

Need advice urgent as I am intending to buy an iphone..Thanks in advance


  • The XR would certainly be better than the X or 8. But honestly you get more bang for your buck in the long run just getting the 11. For an extra $100 you would be able to go an extra year before you have to replace it again.
  • I run F2F on multiple devices. Here is my list in order from best to playable.

    1. iPhone XS Max
    2. iPad mini gen 4 or newer
    3. iPhone 8 (heat problem then lag soon after)
    4. Samsung S6 (Heat, reduced graphics, long load times, but fighting game play is smooth oddly)

  • Xs works perfectly
  • I rarely have issues with my Xs Max
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