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New/Update Content needed

Hey Guys

With the actual 5* Bots and the needed ressources to level up the bots, I think it is time to get some new Content.
What I'm thinking about:

- New and extended general Objectives with appropriate rewards (For example reach 1'000 Raids, Fight 20'000 Arena fights, Fullfill 500 Spotlight missions and so on) Some higher and sophisticated Objectives
- New Commander Level to reach --> Level 70?
- New Spotlight dificulty with new rewards
- Sparks to level up the Mods (With the 5* Bots the bases are becoming easy to fight)

I think we need some higher goals to reach while the whole month. Now at the end of a month the game beginns to be booring, because we don't have "nothing" to do in the game. Also the Spotlights are beeing easy (I know not for all) with the 5* Bots to fullfill the Master Spotlight.
I'm not talking about new Content (At the moment) like Bots, an other Game mode or something like that. But something we can achive beyond the month.

I mean this Month was funny with the Generation Event and objectives. Something like that would be awsome too!

I hope these are minor and potential updates (Which Kabam can implement "easily") that will give us some new goals for the game, not just for a month, but beyond.

What do you guys think about that?



  • I believe we deserve an Act 3 epilogue since we have Act 4. It's the least they can do. I was getting into the story and never found out what happens to shockwave and the forge.
  • GrooGroo Posts: 163
    It’s mentioned in the dialog in act 4 ch1 , so hopefully we will get to know in chapter 2 or 3.
  • Is anything like that planed soon @Kabam Miike / @Kabam Vydious ?
    I mean for the moment we have enough to do with the new Spotlight. And I want to say thanks for that. But what happen at the middle of the month when most of us have the Spotlight done?
    The game starts again to be boring.

    I hope we see something like that in the near future.
  • Trust me Mike and vydious do not have anything in their hands! There are a lot of reasons behind no new content.. poor creative team, lazy Devs, license limitations, etc. Most part of the funding goes towards mcoc while tf is ignored. While we as players have great ideas to pump up this game.. kabam does not give a damn.. no point expecting!
  • ShinokaizokuShinokaizoku Posts: 98
    edited October 2019
    I do not agree with you at all.

    I think that already some points that were mentioned in the forum were also implemented. That completely contradicts your statement here.
    It may be that Miike and Vydious can not decide everything. But they can pass the points to the team. Because who we as players and customers do not bring any suggestions, then they have no feedback which they can handle.

    So I will not be so negative that my suggestions may be appropriate.
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