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New Masteries, Additional Mastery Points, and Mastery Core Sale

Dear Kabam developers and forum moderators,

It’s been very long time since there have been any updates to masteries.
There are blank masteries still showing “coming soon” with the additional caption that new masteries are under development.

Are there in fact new masteries coming?
If yes, is there a rough targeted date you can share with us?

If no, or perhaps as a nice gesture, will it be possible to add additional mastery points?
43 total mastery points is a strange number.
I think the total number of mastery points should be in multiples of 5, like 45 or 50.
As a suggestion, perhaps levels 18-25 can award 2 mastery points per level, resulting in 50 total mastery points at level 60. Or Perhaps awarding mastery points starting at level 11.
Just throwing out some ideas.

Finally, last mastery core sale was mid June and I assume the next core sale will be during the Christmas/end of the year holidays.
Many of us would appreciate mastery core sales more frequently as many of us are constantly growing, evolving, and looking to try out new mastery combinations with different bots.
Do you have any plans to offer mastery core sale soon?

I invite all the community members to share their opinions and I would greatly appreciate any response from Kabam representatives.

Thanks for your time and consideration.


  • TvTLKTvTLK Posts: 15
    I agree with the 2 per level, but that's super low chance of that happening, but all we can do is just have hope.
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