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Updates to certain things

Kabam I absolutely love the direction you’re taking the game. These are the updates this game has needed forever and it is amazing. I just really want you guys to update the monthly calendar items and expert mode rewards. I feel like the calendar is outdated and the expert rewards aren’t worth the difficulty.
First I think having 2 4 stars for expert mode would be great. One for Completion and one for Exploration. This would equate to 1000 5 star shards. It might be a bit much but throwing in another 1,000 5* shards for exploration along side the one (or two) 4* bots would make the difficulty worth while.
Second I really want to see an update to the calendar. In the late game and higher difficulty 4 and 5 stars are necessary. So the 2* taking up an entire day is pretty underwhelming for the calendar.
In the end it’s pretty inconsequential to the overall game but it’s something I really want to see a change to
Thank you admins & mods
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