Jacked up game play

Is just me or has this game been full of glitches ever since they add the new act. Fix the game please


  • MrnomisMrnomis Posts: 127
    edited October 4
    No, it is not jacked up.
  • BonesetterHUNBonesetterHUN Posts: 291
    edited October 4
    I have a lot of game freezing... every 3rd fight is freezed and I lost a lot of matches on Master difficulty and lvl75 AM because of this... also has the usual graphical glitches (black boxes, black decoratoons on the map, scorponok covered in red thing since he is avaible......) , ranged shoots from meelee range and meelee attacking from mid range, missed hits from up close.... And It's always happening sometimes but with this update the freezes are increased

    Galaxy S8 with Android 9
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