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The compliment sandwich

As you probably know, this is a way of praising something, giving a criticism in an effective way, then wrapping up with another compliment..
I'll start..
Kabam: I love this game. The models are on point and the mechanics are great..
But....new content is here, but why is it always so secretive? Other games build excitement by showing what they're working on. Test servers on say..War Robots...have new stuff being tested so the bugs work out. Sometimes with just white blocks as weapons. This keeps players excited about things yet to come.
So, this is a great game. My old Alliance members have become friends. You've built a great community. Keep up the good work we've seen lately, just let us know more than 24 hours in advance!!
Who's next?


  • DrShotgunDrShotgun Posts: 2,123
    Beastdad wrote: »
    You need to lower your standards. (in order to survive this game)

    I honestly don't feel its too much to ask.
    War Robots has the test server I mentioned. Earth Wars has emails that show us the process of the bots they're creating, as well as a calendar of events for the coming month and it gets players not only excited, but engaged with the game. We get to see a new weapon as basically just a white box because they're testing functionality. We get to see frame skeletons of bots and their basic movements. Cool stuff....things many of us would love to see here. I'd LOVE to see how these movements and sounds are created. I know others would too.
    It's not like I'm asking for them to let us know why we're not getting any new bots even though we're the ones that play the game and make sure it still functions and pays the bills...not like I'm saying as a.player base we deserve an explanation..
    Just sayin....
  • I thought the title meant a literal sandwich
  • Gunz0Gunz0 Posts: 2,942
    Maybe that’s because they don’t have anything planned and have to do everything within an extremely short amount of time?
  • Bazzatron1979Bazzatron1979 Posts: 237
    edited October 2019
    I really like the visual imagery of a compliment sandwich.
    However , as it’s criticism sandwiched between 2 compliments , it should really be called a criticism sandwich.
    Yet it got me thinking about how criticism can be delivered without sounding like an asshat , so it’s a cool idea and I like it.
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