The ULTIMATE guide to raiding and base defense

O.K that title was a little bit of a clickbait, since the guide ist still work in progress. It is available as a board here:

Click on a card to get more information on a Bot / Mod / Topic. But beware, there is still a lot of info missing, for that I would need your help. If you have time answer a few questions for me:

1. What are your top defensive / offensive bots and why?
2. What are your top bot / mod combinations and why?
3. (for 1/2 also add info if bot/mod needs to be duped to work)
4. Do you have any additional tips & tricks for offense / defense?

Also somebody needs to spell check the names of the mods, I translated those from german myself since I don't have access to the english version.


  • KillMasterCKillMasterC Posts: 2,267
    edited June 2017
    Thanks for sharing.
    To have English you can change the language in settings. LTS should be Laser Guidance Mod.

    I don't fear Arcee that much even with Laser Mod. She has the worst S2 in terms of damage and her S1 is easy to bait. All you have to do is to stay in close range, don't dash, just side step to close up the distance and she's yours.

    The first bot I HATE to see is Grindor with a HA. His lifebar is too thick and his first medium is even quicker than his light.

    Second, Bonecrusher (with a HA). Even with MVOP you often end up with half of your lifebar defeating him.

    Then there's Motormaster, he's...simply strong and brutal, with unstoppable buff, you simply can't have a safe strategy against him 'cos he can always surprise you. The upside is, people use him more often than putting him on defense.

    BBB and Sideswipe can sometimes be annoying with Evade, and I try to avoid them.

    As for Mods:

    1) HA is hated by everybody. It seems to be nerfed, now the bleed seldom stacks on specials.
    2) I try to avoid EMI, especially when using bots with ranged heavies (Ironhide, Barricase), but EMI is in general to avoid in my opinion. EMI interrupts your input sequence which are so accustomed to your hands.
    3) Exo filter, same as EMI, it even interrupts your specials. Frustrating to see enemy recover from IH's S2 just because EMI counter is reset.

    Other than those, all is related to the AI's error-tolerant rate, which has been increase a lot since 2.0.

  • ZapperZapper Posts: 186
    Hey KillMasterC,

    thanks for the input, I will reflect that in the board somehow. I think I'm going to add a lane "current meta" that will reflect the current beste combinations (like right now that's probably Grindor + HA).

    Also thank you for the tipp with changing the language, I'm going to try this, that might help a lot.
  • My base only been raided once since day 1. Not sure what to make of this. But again, I've only done probably less than 10 raids myself.
  • Lomar4976Lomar4976 Posts: 11
    I tend to find that if you don't raid for 24 hours, it takes you off the 'raiding list' and you don't get raided anymore. I went for 6 days without being raided, and once I had attacked someone, I had been attacked and raided multiple times within a 4 hour period.
  • ZapperZapper Posts: 186
    Yes I think you are right abou that, if you stop raiding you will get taken out of the pool. Not sure though if:
    - It's time based, i.e. after X hours of raiding you are removed
    - Or a counter, meaning for every raid you do you are one time in the pool

    The later would also make sense I guess
  • DreadspectreDreadspectre Posts: 123
    Any bleed based champ and Harm Accelerator
    I've also seen a Duped Sideswipe make good use of it since he generates power easily and gets some specials out increasing Harm stacks.

    Waspinator with Laser Guided. I've had a 600ish Waspinator take off about 75% of my 890 Windblade's HP with a single heavy attack crit that had scud missle speed. I was flabbergasted.

    Robot Resource on Ratchet. The power build is just uncounterable unless you bring like Mirage. Constant specials, S2 healing especially and even S3 hits pretty damn hard.

    Nightbirds Mark can be good on Sideswipe as well since he can bring a high crit rate on his own AND get a large crit bonus on his own on top of the mod.
  • ZapperZapper Posts: 186
    Thank you for your input. I'm currently still collecting infos on possible comibnations etc. but I will update the board soon and then we should have a first good version of the raid guide.
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