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Changes to Optional Advertisements in Game

Greetings Commanders,

Later today, we will be making some changes to how you can interact with the optional Advertisements in game, to give you more opportunities to take advantage of the Energy and Energon they provide!

- When Commanders run out of Mission energy, you can currently watch an Advertisment to regain some Mission energy once every 6 Hours. We're reducing this cooldown to 4 Hours, so you can gain energy from the Advertisements more often throughout the Day.
- Commanders can currently watch up to 3 Advertisements every 24 hours to gain 5 Energon per advertisement, for a maximum of 15 Energon per day. We will be updating this to 4 Energon per Advertisement every 12 hours, for a maximum of 24 Energon per day.

These changes will be live in game within the next few hours.
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