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The LWM Family is seeking 2 new active players

Jazz444Jazz444 Posts: 2,009
edited October 2019 in Alliance Recruitment
[LWM] Lone Wolf McQuade and [LWM-2] Lone Wolf McQuade #2 are each in need of one active player
LWM is currently playing Map3 lvl 54+, and LWM-2 is currently playing Map3 lvl 13 and will continue to raise the AM levels
Both teams require everyone to stay active in team events, but Bot Battle AMs are our top priority
If interested in joining please contact here or message me in game windbee prime, or leader of LWM-2 Trailblazer44
We’re also on Line App, it’s not a must, but we find it very useful


  • Jazz444Jazz444 Posts: 2,009
    Hi all,
    Just going to give a last call out for players before the AM starts, both teams are still in need of one more player
    LWM-2 is currently playing Map3 lvl13, but will grow
    LWM is currently playing Map3 lvl 54+ and we always get Bot Battle to 100%
    Both teams are great and a lot of fun if anyone needs a good alliance
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