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Using 5 Star Awakening Programs

Here's the dilemma; I have 4 of the 5* awakening programs, and one is going to expire in 3 days, so its use it or lose it time. Also, I have a 5* awakening specifically for Tech bots, but that's not time sensitive. So, I'm looking for suggestions/advice on who to awaken. Here is a list of my 5* bots:

Already Awakened:
Starscream, Bludgeon, Windblade, Dinobot, Tantrum, Galvatron, Megatronus, Mirage, Kickback, Cyclonus, Shockwave, Waspinator, Prowl, MV1 OP, Grimlock, Cheetor, Barricade, Ultra Magnus, Rhinox, Soundwave, Grindor, Hot Rod, Motormaster, Jazz, G1 Megatron, Bonecrusher, G1 Bumblebee, and Mixmaster.

Not Yet Awakened:
G1 OP, Sideswipe, Arcee, Nemesis Prime, Ironhide, Ramjet, MV2 Megatron, Blaster, and Optimus Primal.

I want to hold on to at least two of these awakening programs because I've got the feeling that a new bot is coming around and want to be able to awaken a new bot coming down the line. I'm also about to get 30 monthly missions completed which means a crystal to get a random 5* unlocking program.


  • Nemesis Prime, without a doubt. Especially since we might not see him again in a long time, while most of your other unawakened 5 stars are available in the regular crystals... Nemesis isn’t much without his sig, in my opinion.
  • Totally agree with @Transformator79 :)
    If you have an unawakened exclusive bot (nemesis, thundercracker, scout bee ) use it on them. Because these bots are not in the crystals
  • KillMasterCKillMasterC Posts: 3,105
    edited October 2019
    Nemesis for sure. Even if a new bot is on the way (I appreciate your optimism, by the way), he/she can be awakened by one of the 3 remaining Generic Programs. At the current state of the game, stocking 2 Generic Program is quite enough to handle any surprise.

    Surprise me, Kabam.
  • Faithz17Faithz17 Posts: 842
    Nemesis for sure. Why is he even still unawakened? :D The bots I’m saving awakening programmes for would be Megatronus, scorp, Jazz, windblade, nemesis prime, thundercracker. Already used on wheeljack and scout bee. Also did bludgeon for sentimental reasons.
  • I'd go Nemesis or OGP
  • I hadn't even thought of NP because he's an exclusive, but yeah, that makes a lot of sense. My reason at first for not considering him has been because I haven't got a handle on his play style yet. It took me a little while to adjust to how different Thundercracker plays from Starscream, but I just haven't gotten used to NP and I'm not crazy about his synergies either, but I'm thinking that's more because I'm just not seeing their usefulness.
  • WolfmillsWolfmills Posts: 466
    nemesis, everyone else is in crystals, ih and ogp become much more usefuk awakened but nemesis, and any other rarer bots should get the prigrams if you have them
  • TechnobotTechnobot Posts: 661
    Use your synergies in the following Order:
    1. Nemesis Prime. Self-explanatory.
    2. Optimus Primal. You have four Beast Wars Bots duped, but not Primal? Although you can get him through the 5* Crystal, his sig is a nice repair ability.
    3. OGP. The sig enables bleeds during armor breaks.
    4. Ironhide. Sig is called Obliterate for good reason. SP2 and SP3 can KO/severely weaken MOST bots.
    5. Ramjet. Enforcers synergy.
    6. Rest as you see fit

    P.S. Save you tech sig awakening for Wheeljack.
  • Ok, I just finished my monthly tasks and now have another 4th of three 5* Awakening program to use or lose in the next 12 days. So, I'd appreciate any suggestions...here are the 5* bots I have that are not awakened/duped:

    Sideswipe, Arcee, Blaster, Ironhide, Ramjet.

    I don't really use Sideswipe or Arcee except for Arena. Blaster I haven't even used except for Arena after all my other bots are used and I'm waiting for them to be used again. I have G1 Prime, Prowl, Ratchet and Grimlock and another Autobot or two so I could build up Ironhide for a solid Autobot team. So far, I'm personally leaning toward Ramjet--Galvatron and Megatronus are better Demos, but Ramjet would bring out Starscream's seeker synergy into play, and Screamer is one of my all time faves.

    Fun note, I used chips to buy a dupe of Primal to get my last monthly requirement done. Doing that got me the extra Awakening program and the 5* shards it got me resulted in spinning the crystal and coming up with another dupe of Primal! And because I got Primal from the crystal, it got me the other monthly thing for 5* bots!
  • MystaJayMystaJay Posts: 135
    Ironhide, because pulverized almost any bot with an sp2 is very satisfying
  • Definitely Ironhide
  • So you awakened OGP and MV Megs along with Nemesis from your original list? If so, another vote for IH here.
  • Ironhide 100%
  • MV Megs got duped by a couple of crystal spins, I didn't spend any awakening programs on him.

    Cool, thanks guys. Ironhide it is!
  • That sort of just happened. I took the advice and used my extra awakening on Ironhide. And since the 1st of the month came around and I got paid, I bought the energon deal with the awakening crystals--spun them and got a 5* awakening for a Warrior bot and a Demo bot! So...I guess this means I can go ahead and dupe Ramjet and Arcee.
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