Waspinator or Ironhide rank up?

I'm a happy owner of a R5 5* Galvatron, now I have to choose the second demo to rank up.
So which one would you suggest, Waspinator or Ironhide? Both are awakened

I hope you can argue your choice


Waspinator or Ironhide rank up? 32 votes

Faithz17Chuck_CanuckMr_WonderfulJIMMY_SABSlayerKitten 6 votes
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  • BlackRazakBlackRazak Posts: 2,656
    More utility as he's a burner, which is increasingly useful in Holiday Missions and the such.
  • TechnobotTechnobot Posts: 512
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    With both awakened, go with the Killing Machine. Ironhide's SP2 and SP3 are lethal... especially when obliterate is unlocked and it activates (50% chance to activate, but can only be used once). One of the best bots in the game! Waspinator's Sig is only good if (a) you are almost dead and (b) if your sig is high.
  • SynthwaveSynthwave Posts: 1,011
    There's lots of top alliance players that like Waspinator, simply because they can exit the fight in AM after he's knocked out for the first time and then start the fight over. That and at low health he does even more damage.

    I personally can't stand him because it's like trying to control 18th century field artillery. His movements have always felt sluggish or unresponsive (I'm guessing to compensate for the increased range speed and damage at low health) and his kit feels pretty one-dimensional. But, to each their own.
  • Thanks everybody for the feedbacks.
    For the sake of clarity, the intended usage shall be AM D80 (my solo missions team is already fine).
    Also, because IH is somehow similiar to Galvatron, I was considering Wasp since it is pretty different.
    My feeling is that between 50-100% health IH wins, while when health is lower maybe Wasp has some advantages... I wonder what top players such as @Faithz17 think about this
  • Ironhide
    I'd go ironhide
  • SlayerSlayer Posts: 904
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    I mean after 50% Hp he's just god tier
    If it's duped then he's one the best bots for high level AM.
    Besides he is damn useful in AM because of his resistance nullification.

    Ironhide on the other hand is just outta of his league now i mean I've played with both Ironhide and wasp r5 but Ironhide is only good for burn debuff and 1 Time insane damage (his sig), also that damage wont be insane if it triggers on sp1 lol.

    Wasp has more UTILITY than Ironhide.
  • OptimalOptimus_MV1OptimalOptimus_MV1 Posts: 1,216
    edited November 2019
    Ironhide. It's simple. He is way better than wasp, and he can do tons of damage without relying on taking 50 percent health damage to. His specials and burns are crazy! they're extremely powerful, and are some of the best specials in the game.
  • Faithz17Faithz17 Posts: 765
    Hands down, best demo is Megatronus. He can heal frequently during fights, dark burn and that 10% invincible shield. Like why do people even need any other bot? Like 90% of players in top alliances have him as top 3 bot. The other 10%, like me, and likely OP as well since he didn’t mention Megatronus, simply don’t have him. He’s like OG OP, IH, Rat all rolled into one.

    I have both wasp and IH at R5, wasp is maxed forged. IH was my first R5 4* bot and I love his damage, his burn is awesome and when his sig kicks in, it’s quite satisfying. Back then I used him, MV, and usually Bludgeon (can’t stand to use OG OP) for AM, or IH/ Bludgeon/ WB; wasn’t really looking at synergies back then. I use him primarily for raids now and spotlight, just for sentimental reasons.

    When we first started moving to 5* bots, I kept getting wasp, primal, cheetor thrown at me repeatedly. Ironhide was an exclusive, I never pulled MV till couple weeks back, and Bludgeon is also another exclusive. So I had to build another team and lots of people were talking about beast synergy. So I just went with the flow and built my AM team with wasp, primal, cheetor. Wasp has strong survivability simply because he revives. He can take a crit hit from any bot and literally still walk away. So technically you can afford to make one mistake instead of dying immediately, since any crit hit can easily KO any full health bot. Also, stack up those resistance debuffs and watch his damage. He does 13-18k heavies regularly and I’ve seen 72k damage on that second SP2 hit. Range speed is also nice below 50% health. You can also take a hit on purpose towards the end of the fight so you can revive and heal for next fight. Max sig 4* wasp can revive to 30% I heard, so I’m curious if 5* is same. Mine currently revives to 13%.

    I’m not a fan of Galvatron though. I have 8 T4C demo and would rather use it on mix for base defense.

    Having said the above, I do have an awesome alliance mate who has a maxed out Megatronus that he keeps on base and runs AM with 11k OG OP, 11k drift and a 6k motormaster. So just do whatever bot you’re comfortable with.
  • Primerprime5Primerprime5 Posts: 610
    edited November 2019
    Wasp- lowers Armour, buffs up attacks, Revives, increased Ranged, increased Crits.
    Ironhide- BOOM
  • Gunz0Gunz0 Posts: 2,710
    Sorry I meant to vote for Wasp
  • asparagusasparagus Posts: 161
    edited November 2019
    Wasp at sub 50% hp is nasty. Ranged attack is one of the deadliest things in the game and at sub 50% hp he is the best. He also has the right kit for both of the map three lieutenants. At high dlvls on map three, IH needs a high sig lvl. He used to be one of the best, but that was when you could build a special two, trigger his sig, and instantly finish your opponent. At high dlvls he can't do that anymore. His heavy is a key part of his kit but its so slow, ai dodges it seemingly 70% of the time.

    Who you rank should be decided by who you need to kill and synergies.
  • Ironhide
    Waspinator feels sluggish. He needs a buff imo
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