How to best use jetfire?

So, had a Hiatus from the game there and came back to find I had enough shards for a 5*. I’ve ended up pulling jetfire for the first time. Never had him as a 4* so experience with him is very limited.

I understand he’s a very different playstyle to the rest of the bots, so any experienced players got any advice on how to best use him? Still getting the hang of parrying with him, it feels so weird doing it in tftf when it’s so commonplace in the other game.

So, how to best use, and is he worth focussing on to rank up? I also have scream and dinobot for synergies if that makes a difference.

Any advice is welcome guys. Cheers in advance


  • SynthwaveSynthwave Posts: 1,011
    Pair up with Starscream, Dinobot, Mixmaster.

    Max Stupefy and Block Proficiency masteries.

    Get good at parrying.

    Be aware that his signature is broken. If you start a fight below 75% HP, his damage repair will not be online, like the description says. You have to get hit once for it to trigger. This has been a big deal-breaker for a lot of top AM players since they can't get him to repair without first taking a hit, which kills you at high D level.

    Other than that, he's a solid bot who is a lot of fun to use.

    Try stacking charges for sp1 and then spamming heavies for good damage or sp3 for big shock damage. His sp2 is pretty worthless unless you're going up against a repair bot/mod. Just make sure you have 5 charges before using.
  • I prefer an up-close and defensive style using him: staying close to the opponent and constantly tapping blocking on and off so that he has a much better chance of parrying a hit. This method works well for easy parrying too imo. You can parry heavies and SPs too, but I'd rather avoid then entirely.

    For ranges, I don't like parrying those for charges much (works just as well, plus he parries ranged heavies too), so that's why I prefer staying close to them.

    So pretty much I'd say stay close, tap blocking on and off, get full combos off of parries, and avoid heavies and SPs until 10 charges and SP3 for maximum damage.
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    Base defense to collect gold?
  • KillMasterCKillMasterC Posts: 2,940
    Jetfire can be pulled from shard 5* now?
  • KillMasterCKillMasterC Posts: 2,940
    edited November 2019
    Jetfire can be pulled from shard 5* now?
    Wow, Jf juuuust join the pool! OP comes from the future?
  • Listen, I’m 100% on that one. So god knows it’s not the first glitch to hit this game or whatever. I asked for advice on how to best use him, not why or how I got him. As I did mention I stopped playing for a while. Whether he got added in my absence would be beyond my knowledge or care. But can’t be bothered with sarcasm. Since you asked a question I had no answer to, I didn’t answer.
  • Jetfire can be pulled from shard 5* now?
    Wow, Jf juuuust join the pool! OP comes from the future?

    OG is already in the pool

  • Jetfire can be pulled from shard 5* now?
    Wow, Jf juuuust join the pool! OP comes from the future?

    OG was added to the pool two or three months ago and JF was added not long ago like one week at max.
  • KillMasterCKillMasterC Posts: 2,940
    Lol, by OP I meant the Original Poster, referring the fact that he may have drawn JF before the bot is added to the pool (at least earlier than when it was announced).
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