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Which is the second best against cyclonus?

Hello everyone,

I am responsible bumblebee and cyclonus now in alliance mission at level 90.

But i do not have 5 star megatronus, and also 5 star ironhide. I generally take cyclonus with my 4 star tronus. But in last 2 matches, i could not repair with sp2 since his power bar is at the edge.

I want to ask some advice from you.

Should i continue 4 star megatronus?

Should i pump galvatron or Megatron to r5?

Should i wait ironhide and pump him to r5 and continue with 4 star megatronus?

Or do you suggest any other bot?

I have wheeljack but not good against cyclonus shield not working.

I have prowl in the squad he is better than cyclonus but until cyclonus prowl almost die.

I have mv1, og1, g1 meg, Shockwave also.

Apart from Shockwave they can be r5.


  • *I have prowl he is better than wheeljack
  • Shockwave is a good option. Boring play style because you spend the whole fight blocking his ranged to then drop heavy ranged back on him. Really effective vs that Power Bar mod because it not only drains power but also doesn’t require a lot of hits.
  • @JIMMY_SAB is right. But if you have Galvatron he can do well too with his charged heavy. Or kickback if you have him :) The main thing against Cyclonus is that you must use ranged play/ranged heavy character to keep your distance from dark pulse.
  • KittenKitten Posts: 1,863
    Galvatron is nice since he just does a lot of damage
  • DaveJLDaveJL Posts: 1,750
    I like to use Jetfire and reflect his ranged shots because it doesn't add to the power counter
  • Wasp and Shockwave would probably be the best options, IMO.
  • Best to go with Shockwave. He's a monster when it comes to Power Drain, which severally limits the Dark Field.
    Wasp is great too for the Ranged game and Anti-Resistance, but not too much for the Power Control.

    But, I want to talk about a bot that hasn't been mentioned. For a time, I found Rhinox to be useful against him. His Power Lock prevents the flow of power, so you can dish out any close up combos for a limited amount of time without the annoyance of the Dark Field.

    But the best part of the Power Lock was that Cyclonus' Power Charges gave him NO POWER after he gained 8 charges. So you can dish out a lot of hits without even having to worry about Cyclonus gaining power.

    The only downside to all of this is after the first Power Lock, it's no gurantee that it'll happen again, since the chance of it happening again are lowered by 70%. And you also have to be REALLY aggressive if you want to best utilize that Power Lock. It's a bit tricky, but Rhinox can get the job done.
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