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Act 4 Ch 2 - Decepticons Burn



  • galv fell to jetfire's reflect. I was able to get him below 30 percent health, and then was able to finish him off. I don't remember how I got past cyclonus but it only took 2 tries and I do know I sacrificed most of my 5 to do it lol. I also knew what to expect with megatronis at that point. thank you for your suggestions.
  • KillMasterCKillMasterC Posts: 3,105
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    Technobot wrote: »
    BTW, any hints on Motormaster in the Face mission (Act 4, Ch 2, Mission 5)? The timed armor mod is killing me on all paths.
    In the end, it's a typical fight against Motormaster. Just think of a Motormaster with on/off relics like Tronus. Attack when the armor's off, dance around otherwise. Block if necessary when he corners you. And as you said, any Tact is good against him. Last resort: put the story mode aside and come with a ranked-up Cyclonus.

  • Well, that Tronus fight was boring :P
  • SkBirdman wrote: »
    Well, that Tronus fight was boring :P

    Not boring. Amusing. It was amusing.
  • Galvatron is a major P.I.T.A on that mission. Haha, luckily Tronus was a walk in the park. I got totally wiped first time so had to quit and restart to get Galvatron down. This is what happens when you dont read the mods carefully before. Haha
  • AnnatarAnnatar Posts: 101
    It seems Cyclonus and Galvatron is a dead end for me. I can't even hit them.
  • BlackRazakBlackRazak Posts: 2,812
    @Annatar if you have a decent KICKBACK, RHINOX or SHOCKWAVE (heck even BARRICADE) Cyclonus is susceptible to the long 'Range, Melee, DUCK!, repeat, Avoid SP, repeat' style of play.

    But Galvatron is horrendous, as you need a long range spammer like Shockwave, Kickback, ARCEE, Rhinox, BLASTER, STARSCREAM of R4 5* ++ to make it stick. No heavies, he gains 1.5bar per heavy!
    Luckily the Tronus after is 'challenged'.
  • Okay BW Megatron and skywarp? This game ...
  • There missing out on tons of characters
  • See some one keeps flagging it spam can some please fix it?
  • See some one keeps flagging it spam can some please fix it?

    They're flagging you Because it is spam...
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