Deep Wounds clarification

I'm thinking to invest in Deep Wounds mastery, but I'd like to clarify first how it works.
The description reports <<...If they have more Health Points than their target, their bleed also strikes down an additional X% max Health from enemies instantly>>
The doubt is mainly about the definition of Health points...
Let assume I'm fighting ROTK Primal (around 900k health), he has 90% health, my bot has 100% health on max 40k.
In such situation, Deep Wounds
- will be triggered becasue opponent has lower percentage (90% vs 100%)
- will NOT be triggered because opponent has higher health (810k vs 40k)

Thanks in advance for answers :-)


  • KillMasterCKillMasterC Posts: 2,940
    edited November 2019
    Will NOT.

    I know it's not based on percentage because sometimes when my Primal goes against the Harm accelerator and the enemy has more max health than Primal, his regen ( against the additional instant bleed) will trigger at the beginning of the fight (no heavy needed) when both parties are at 100% health.

    But the bleed time lasts longer anyway.
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