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The Transformers Forged to Fight community has officially moved to Discord. For all the latest news and updates, join us here!

Introducing: The Transformers: Forged to Fight Official Discord Server!


We are very excited to announce to you all we are launching the brand-new and official Transformers: Forged to Fight Discord Channel! The link goes live in-game December 5th, but we can't wait to get things going so we're sharing it here first!

This is another step in our ongoing efforts to connect all of our Commanders, and to foster more conversation in the Community.

You will see Members of Kabam in Discord, and we’ll be interacting with you there, but the main goal of the Server is to foster more conversation, sharing of tips and tricks, and forge connections between our Commanders.

Not a Discord fan? Don’t worry! The Forums are not going anywhere! We just want to give more players the choice of where they can engage with other Commanders.

Join the Transformers: Forged to Fight Discord Server!

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