Windblade, to awaken or not?

As the title says do i awaken her witha program or leave her ability asleep?


  • OptimalOptimus_MV1OptimalOptimus_MV1 Posts: 1,216
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    It doesn't matter, she's fine without it. You should awaken someone else that needs it more if its generic.if it is scout, awaken a different scout
  • WolfmillsWolfmills Posts: 354
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    All my ithers are awakened, its a scout program, and the only scouts i dont have are jazz and the sharks
  • JKLJKL Posts: 858
    Wolfmills wrote: »
    All my ithers are awakened, its a scout program, and the only scouts i dont have are jazz and the sharks

    So why not?
  • Jmheard mixed reviews about her sig and swordmasters synergy
  • JKLJKL Posts: 858
    Guess if you want to save up for a chance at a big attack then don't awaken. I'd rather have more constant bleeds.
  • SlayerSlayer Posts: 904
    Yeah if you're into Swordmaster and want big spectacular crits then dont awaken her , or if you're using her standalone then Do awaken her she'll crit like crazy
  • I tend to use her alone alot, and sometimes with bludgeon or drift, but those times are few and far between
  • Windblade is one of my top bots, play her all the time. Before I awakened her, she was throwing crits out left and right, often up to a solid string of crits or every other hit a crit--brutal as hell. Since awakening her, she seems to crit less but hits harder and her bleeds/shocks do massive damage. She absolutely slaughters Shockwave and Soundwave, and anyone on a power gain mod--and she is one of the top bots for taking down Megatronus and if timed right, her Stormfall Blast simply erases Megatronus, killing him before his SP3 and before his invulnerability can kick in.

    I use her almost never by herself, and always with at least one swordmaster, either Dinobot or Bludgeon (sometimes both). The one thing I have noticed as a downside to awakening is pre-awakened, she murders NanoJack, her bleeds eat his health so fast his force fields don't even trigger! Since awakening, she still slaughters him but he lasts a little bit longer and I've had a few fights where his force fields trigger and it has taken more than one combo to get a crit to eat through his force field.

    If I had to do it over again, I would NOT awaken her ability until every other bot I have is awakened first. And even then, I might not do it.
  • Gunz0Gunz0 Posts: 2,710
    Leave her alone, save your program for S1000
  • WolfmillsWolfmills Posts: 354
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    Windblade was my go to for anlong time, had the 4* maxed and maxed forged over a year before she finally got duped... i only recently stopped using her when i was able to r4 and now r5 prowl, but i do miss her bleeds..... when i forged the 4* off her sig was 96 and she was usually with og and grimlock on raids and maybor may not have had bkudgeon along on missions fr swordmasters so never really used the synergy all that often, but it seemed to affect bludgeon more than wb

    Ps, come to think about it, i have been using her since day one, and it always took forever to pull the duplicate of her..... original 3* am team was wb, tact bee and motormaster
  • Faithz17Faithz17 Posts: 764
    It depends how common or rare awakening programs are for you. If you can hit them monthly, then use it. If all your other scouts are awakened, use it. If I get WB, I would awaken her immediately cos I have 3 scout programs and all my scouts are already awakened like Jazz, Cheetor, Barricade, Scout Bee and others.
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