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Reducing T2C Spark

Hey guys i just noticed it super hard to find T2C after this Sunday.
We were getting 2 T2C Spark from each class on Sunday almost 12 T2C Spark
But this new Daily T2C mission can't give even 1 T2C after 100% exploring.
That's hurting me most.
Forging is already a hard Task and after this Changes I'm very sad


  • KillMasterCKillMasterC Posts: 3,105
    Predicted. They always balances giving and taking.
  • This is crazy. New T2C Sunday run is completely worthless. Please fix, Kabam @Kabam Miike @Kabam Vydious
  • Such a killing move. Really disappointed the way class spark missions were removed. Worthless to use energon to get a random spark.
  • Just in case you weren't aware, KABAM we call this an "epic fail"
  • TsunamiTsunami Posts: 31
    edited December 2019
    Agree that this is a very awful change. Perhaps it was unintentional as a result of adding a new t3class level?

    For clarity sake:
    1) *Before* the updated Sunday daily missions we could get 1-2 t2 class sparks *of our choice* per each 100% exploration. (And could do this for each of the 6 classes of our choice). Each additional run would give another 1/4-1/2 spark routinely with a chance of an additional whole spark from the chests.
    2) *Now* the first 100 exploration gives just over 1/2 of a *random* t2 class spark. Each additional run gives another 1/10 of a random spark.

    I cannot believe that this was an intentional reduction; it’s such a severe reduction. Any way this can be brought up to the game team to be fixed? And/or a clear explanation of why this was done (if this was intentional)?

    @Kabam Vydious @Kabam Miike

    (Edited for punctuation)
  • JKLJKL Posts: 997
    I understand the change might have happened to make room for the T3c daily. Maybe we don't need to change it back but make another addition in the game. Can we add 3-5 daily limit for T2c crystals in the raid store?

    A lot of players having been asking for more sources of T2c as it has become a bottleneck for those that are forging a lot. Adding it to the daily items in the raid store would be a great solution. It would not upset the balance of the game as these are lower tier items. I'm hoping we can make this addition.
  • Sorry for pestering you guys again, but can we please get some type of response regarding our feedback on this change? @Kabam Vydious @Kabam Miike ?
  • Darm0kDarm0k Posts: 2,485
    Tsunami wrote: »
    Sorry for pestering you guys again, but can we please get some type of response regarding our feedback on this change? @Kabam Vydious @Kabam Miike ?

  • McBusketMcBusket Posts: 174
    @Tsunami the response is most likely going to be "NO SOUP FOR YOU"!

  • JKLJKL Posts: 997
    Half a spark on Sunday seems pretty low. We went from around 12 sparks to half of one. The auto complete is great but a lot was sacrificed.
  • VoltronVoltron Posts: 998
    lol. i had to pop 60 crystals the other day to get 4 brawler T2C sparks.

    today is the first time in months I'm playing class spark arena because of 60 to 4. 🤔
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