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Best Missions in Story to Farm Resources

Hey guys. So I’ve completed and explored all the story missions until Act 4, Chapter 2, Mission 6. Now that I have bucket loads of energy to use daily,

Which mission would be the best for farming of resources like gold, ore, XP, kits?


  • Act 3 last level was always my go to. The easiest path is an autofight run for a squad capable of act 4.

    stock up on energy refills, slap an xp boost on and autofight away. By the time you burn through everything your stash will be bursting with ore. Xp is great considering you don’t even need to micromanage. I can’t remember the best one for gold, as gold has never been an issue personally for me to remember a go-to mission for it.

    Kits...... probably best for someone else to answer. I never used them outside the most dire situations.
  • Also something to keep in mind as you are farming for (particularly) gold and xp in Story Missions... Placing certain relics on your base will increase Gold and/or XP Totals you earn by Certain % (Cloaking Field is a great relic to get and Place on your base for Gold and XP Boost, for example). Using XP Boosts during Story missions will also add to the XP Totals (50% Increase if memory serves me right).

    The one drawback is, when you get to Level 60, you get no more XPs.
  • Resources have never been a problem for me as well, but needing to invest the energy into something useful was the motive. As of relics, the ALLSPARK and a few others are the only one's I have. Looks like Cloaking FIeld is next on my list. Thanks. :)
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