Nightmare Bot-Mod Combination in Raids?



  • Megatronus - Robot Resource
    That darn Relic of Obedience is usually the culprit.

    @CarrotBoy2k That dang ROB actually makes me adamant to dupe Rhinox. Back when I was using his 4* but high sig version, Tronus just renders the shields useless right before SP3. So now I'm like, why bother.

    BlackRazak wrote: »
    even with the balancing of Rhinox, occasionally Tronus decides to ninja around your attacks. And heavies.

    @BlackRazak Exactly. In these instances, I feel like I'm pulling lots of Hounds from a ton of crystals.
    Beastdad wrote: »
    I don't know what I'd do without him. Repair block on Sp1 is the bees knees.

    Same here @Beastdad . Once you go with Cheetor's repair block, you never go back.
  • WOW, Okay! This post gained some momentum.

    @BlackRazak, thanks for your insights bud. Although I'm awesome at raids and can take down RoboTronus with ease, using my Megatron or MV1 Prime, it's always great to learn something new.

    @Bj23 ,what's with the tone against Razak, bud? Defense doesn't matter when 95% of the time, the defense fails. If you brag about defeating a 25K base with a 30K squad, i do not know what should i do when with a squad of 10K, I can take down 40K bases. Be humble bud, it helps.

    Coming on point,

    Seen that majority of you'll have a problem with Megatronus on RR-

    For me, I now use a team of 5K Megatron, 5K Megatronus, 5K MV1 Prime. When I encounter a Megatronus on RR, I just send in my Prime or Megatron. The trick with Megatronus, is to attack as much as you can early on when his 'Relic Of Fury' is active. Get him down to 60%-70% by the time he gets to his second bar of power. Keep inflicting him with damage until you got a bot where in one blow you can take out Megatronus. My MV Prime has his SP1, which KO's Megatronus without activating his 'Relic Of Immortality'. Can now say, I mastered him. :blush:
  • Never regretted r5 my 5s Cheetor. He takes down all those healing bots. My r5 Nanojack takes care off all the non dot bots including Megatronus and my MV1 handles the rest
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    Again, thanks to veterans like @Mutantdoc @Technobot @Halloweendm @CarrotBoy2k @KillMasterC and @JIMMY_SAB for the priceless input.

    Truth is, there are some in my alliance, and beyond, that are approaching raids with trepidation and/or angst, despite being proficient at mid level AM and even master spotlight.

    Merely 6 months ago, i couldn't understand what the point of raids were.
    And found bases above 30K difficult.

    Now i see it as the best way to PRACTICE for master spotlight as well as mid/high AM.

    (Okay maybe too much practice)
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    edited December 2019
    I've been quiet lately, but
    Captain_Ghatz¹, your base is rubbish.
    You have a loudmouth.
    Level up your bots. Pathetic, good luck, etc.

    ¹ what i meant was sorry for raiding your base with my team, which dwarfs your base rating.
    Great work achieving 2.25K medals with your squad! You might wanna put a shield up, if available.

    See? We all get treats sometimes, it's easy not being an absolute tool!
  • SlayerSlayer Posts: 914
    Captain Ghatz.. is a really weird name imo
    Almost made me say cap'n Gas
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