Anyone know how to unlock tier 3 ore crystals from away missions?

I’ve been trying for a while and I just can’t seem to unlock the tier 3 ore crystals from away missions... People have said beat act 3, tried that didn’t work. Have your top 5 best bots above power level 2,500, also didn’t work. Aswell we have over 1,500 raid chips. Again didn’t work. Anyone know what I have to do? Or have any tips I could try?


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    @EeveeGavin its a crack that you have to do at the beginning splash screen.. UP ,UP, Down, Down Left, Right,Left ,Right , A,B Start.. ;)
  • Just keep ranking and leveling your strongest bots, and be patient. You'll get there eventually. And no... Kabam has not released the official formula to follow, so most of those suggestions are just guesses.
  • Top 3 bots need to exceed 12 or 13k rating.
    I think that's how i unlocked the tier 3 crystals.
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    Kabam is asking for donations, only $99.99; Christmas / Hanukkah special.

    Jokes aside, this has been discussed to death. Keep ranking and leveling your Top 3-5 bots. First guess is Top 3 exceeding 12/13K. Second guess is Top 5 exceeding 19/20K.

    There is really no hurry. I had plenty of missions for 4* bot shards for a while. About 18 4* bots in 4 weeks.
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    A story of 'forum mods asked the dev team but the latter only gave a vague answer'. I think some random numbers has been intentionally put into their program to ensure your mileage may vary.
  • Mine showed up after taking my rank 2 Galvatron to rank 3 (5 star). I can’t remember what other rank 2 5 stars I had at the time but i def recall it happened after taking galvatron to rank 3
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    Thanks all :)
    I did it. My 3 top bots now each over 4k and i unlocked the t3 ore crystal
  • I ask this:
    Why doesn't kabam just tell us? It doesn't harm anyone. It won't affect anything.
  • I ask this:
    Why doesn't kabam just tell us? It doesn't harm anyone. It won't affect anything.

    Probably because it's prestige-based and they can't give a simple PI number due to prestige varying from bot to bot.
  • Everything people said up above is mainly false. Kabam talked about this already and they said you need to have your TOP 5 bots with ratings of 3,500 atleast to unlock tier 3 or Crystal's and 5☆ shard away missions. So keep on grinding and ranking up your bots, I currently grinding to tank 3 my Grindor 5☆ and rank 5☆ Optimus MV1
    So I wish you good luck and a Merry Christmas.
    Best Wishes
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    I previously had four bots over 3500 and the fifth has 33 ?? That was not enough.
  • It has been confirmed by kabam. Top FIVE bots have to average 3500 withOUT masteries. Masteries adds a few hundred pi, so the only way to really tell is resetting them. I wouldn’t bother with that until your top 5 average over 3800.
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