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Multiple problems with fighting

HypnotunezHypnotunez Posts: 30
edited December 2019 in Bugs and Known Issues
Hello I'm having serious issues with fighting that are often outright the cause of losing a mission and being left out of commission during am.
  • I have a problem where instead of ranged attacking my bot will start a melee combo instead despite even being on opposite ends of the arena.
  • There's also another issue where my bot simply stops blocking or won't block at all, I've made sure it's not my tech having problems with its touch screen and sensitivity.
  • And then I have another problem where my bot will rush to the enemy and simply stop as if they've suddenly hit a brick wall literally as they reach the enemy.

Honestly I'm sick to death of this I'm losing my temper and my patience with these bugs because I've had to apologise to my alliance leader so many times about either just outright getting ko'd or just losing stupid health.

Thank you for your time


  • JKLJKL Posts: 997
    Videos help.
  • What device(s) are you using and having these issues?
  • What device(s) are you using and having these issues?
    I have an iPad Air 2 with 128gb of space. I do get lag yes, but I'm not experiencing lag mostly during this. What I've found is that I can't tap on the screen too much or the game doesn't receive input
  • BlackRazakBlackRazak Posts: 2,812
    A8X and it's PowerVR GPU are your culprits.
    That and just 3 (1.5GHz) cores pushing a 2048x1536 panel on HD settings, is the other recipe for lag.

    When older chips overheat, touch input goes rather awry. This applies for any OS.

    TBF, Kabam has technically (and understandably) ended support for Android devices circa 2014 (more to do with the fact most DROIDS of that era used a 32bit backend).

    Sorry to be such a Scrooge. Merry Xmas man
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