Happy New Year Kabam!

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Kabam, although 2019 may not have been the best year for this game, i will admit it was very nice. There are a lot of things that i, or rather we, appreciate from the team . From things such as the Thundercracker mission and arena and Nemesis Arena, and the fog of wars and chrono vectors, to finally the Generations, Halloween, and Beast Wars events, it's clear that you've done quite a lot for this game. I know there may be some issues still, but i do have faith that more great things will come in 2020. I appreciate the effort you put into the game, so i say thanks to every one of you at the kabam team! Cheers, and i hope that 2020 will be an excellent year for everyone in this amazing community!


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    I would write a nice long sentence like yours but I just woke up so I'll make it simple XD

    Happy new year kabam! Cheers to many more!
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