Thanks for the beast wars event.

NetLizardNetLizard Posts: 2
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I am very grateful to you, for the great event, beast wars.2z4690bimltr.jpg

It was a great pleasure for me to enter the game every day, spend my time on every arena and critical missions. So that in the end I wouldn’t have enough of some chips, thanks.blwtf8gklcee.jpgmm2bm9rq85cv.jpg


  • KittenKitten Posts: 1,791
    Easily the best event in the game mate, really fun and liberating I loved it!!
  • Edwardo76Edwardo76 Posts: 53
    Got a dupe on my 5 star scorp today. It was possible, but a huge grind. I have 384 beast chips left you can have.
  • Edwardo76Edwardo76 Posts: 53
    I enjoyed Rebel Raptor quite a bit. Just wish I didn’t have to grind the Arena so hard.
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