who is that


  • Ronin7348Ronin7348 Posts: 39
    There are 2 scout sharktitons in my unowned champs list
  • KittenKitten Posts: 1,820
    S1000 is the advanced Sharkticon created by the Quintesson scientist, he is the leader of the Sharkticons. He was available as a 4☆ in an offer a while ago but you can get him as a 5☆ from the 5☆ shark crystal 👍
  • Ronin7348Ronin7348 Posts: 39
    I thought it was a project created by kabam called project S-1000
  • Ronin7348Ronin7348 Posts: 39
    edited January 10
    Do you have him if pls share his abilities
  • TechnobotTechnobot Posts: 530
    I have the S-1000 Sharkticon. He is good to use, especially when (a) his signature ability is unlocked, & (b) his teams up with other Sharkticons for a Mission or Arenas. With his sig unlocked, he can copy opponent’s activated buffs for a limited time. When teamed with other Sharkticons, he can provide continuous healing to any Sharkticon during battle. Healing or attack frenzies can activate at 20% health.

    I primarily using him with other Sharkticons in Easy/Medium Spotlight Mission (at this point, I could probably use them in Hard Missions as well).
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