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Since Kabam doesn't release 5 star megatronus, i have decided to pump a demo bot to r5. I don't want ironhide since i want to try new things. What are your suggestions? I am playing lvl100 plus in alliance missions and the new demo bot can be used against tactician Megatron and cyclonus. My best bots are prowl wheeljack og1 mv1 g1 Megatron and drift now.

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  • If You want to use it against Megatron, Ramjet... Against cyclonus.. Galvatron Waspi or Megatron because ranged is safer :)

    Waspi is fun by the way... If you really what to try new things :)
  • omernuzomernuz Posts: 58
    I chose Galvatron since i had lots of ores to be expired my friend. I have never played Galvatron before. I am trying him against mixmaster and I have somr questions about him.

    What is the critical rate of Galvatron sp2 and sp3? I couldn't see any critical hit in two fights against mixmaster.

    Do you prefer sp2 or sp3?

    And i am a melee player generally use melee bots and can't use Shockwave as you use BonesetterHun :). But i need a range bot in my roaster since. How can i use Galvatron?
  • BlackRazakBlackRazak Posts: 2,684
    @omernuz Galvatron is surprisingly agile, quick and an OKish melee fighter.

    For me, his skillset revolves around charging his dark burns, activating Will of Unicron, and SP2s supplemented by Dark Charges.
    Damage potential of SP2 and SP3 on 30 charges is crazy, especially at a decent sig level.

    Though i voted galvatron, i do however find MV Megs to be far more useful in AM thanks to his stackable heavy damage and repair at 10%.
    He is also far better at handling Tronus compared to Galvatron, in AM.

    Both though are completely nullified by Rhinox and Wheeljack. And Blaster, Jetfire.
  • omernuzomernuz Posts: 58
    Thanks @BlackRazak
    I did 3 fights against mixmaster and really didn't see any critial hits at sp2 and sp3 last hits. I think i used at least 20 specials and could not see any critial. SP3 of my Galvatron 0 forge r5 hits 21k damage with dark burns with Shockwave synergy.

    Do you have any experience about that?
  • BaRdYaAmNBaRdYaAmN Posts: 1,496
    edited January 14
    Just because... Mixmaster
  • KittenKitten Posts: 1,820
    Galvatron has the most damage. He can also be used well for melee since he has a high attack rating
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