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34/36 Achievements?

Even though I've completed all the listed achievements, it still looks like I'm missing two... anyone else's like this? (not to be confused with monthly objectives but the middle tab for game achievements)


  • McBusketMcBusket Posts: 174
    from what i can tell since i just ran into this. The raid one only gets turned off if you stay about 2100 raid medals the other one not sure what triggers it.. but as long as you have the rewards you're good. its just basically a glitch.
  • Ok, thanks
    Count them @billygovols — you will see 36.

    It’s a visual bug that originated from when Kabam added Commander Levels 55 and 60 as milestones.
  • oh, I hadn't done that, thanks!
  • WolfmillsWolfmills Posts: 466
    Havent tested it but if your base defense falls below 40k and your medals below 2500 or whatever it is for the achievement it seems to turn show as not all completed
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