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Fresh Enrgon to 2Locks Forces

Dear Commander,

I am looking for some Fearless Warriors to complete my Unstoppable Alliance called >2Lock> The Defenders of The Light!
We do AMs from lvl 31-51 and yould like to have a 3rd BG. We mostly do 100 % completion.
We are pretty active. We do Events, AMs, Spotlights, all kind to grow together. Pedal to the metal, no pain no gain, onwards cowards, leak to death, blast & damnation, till our last drop of energon, decepticon, ercticon, autobbot, titan, lizzardface or one eyed cyclops, any kind. Online and on LINE, so better have the APP.
Git gud, prepare to die!
If you looking for some fun - which is mor important than ranking, isnt it? - we can have some :wink:

You can contact me or Tolock. Or my most humbled lieutenant, the Mighty Nighty aka Nightpath!


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