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Mirage in LOC content

Personally, I don't think Mirage should have full access to his signature ability in content like Rulers of Kaon or Rise of Kokular, mostly due to how potent the ranged speed increase from his SP1 is. At sig 100, it lasts for a whole 19 seconds, which is an absurd amount of time to have to endure super fast projectiles while trying to find an opening to attack him. There is really no test of skill when going up against large Mirages like this since once he has that ranged buff, the AI keeps its distance and spams projectile after projectile, and with the speed increase as well, it can even recover quicker from firing three projectiles in a row, which usually has enough recoil to give a window of opportunity to counterattack.

I believe there are two ways to go about making the fight more fair. One, toning down the signature level to reduce the ranged speed buff timer would be pretty reasonable while still retaining a window of threat when he activates it. Or two, tie the buffs gained from his signature ability to his mode changes so that if he gets knocked out of one mode back into Power Mode, the buff that was triggered by the special is nullified as a result.


  • Bi1b0BagginsBi1b0Baggins Posts: 1,020
    edited April 2
    They are forcing us to use specific bots to counter Mirage. Some of these are Blaster, OGM, Shockwave, Prowl, Rhinox, off the top of my head.
  • KillMasterCKillMasterC Posts: 3,075
    I agree he's annoying but from past experience, Kabam never changes their map because they can argue that someone else has paid.
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