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Energon Deal

ShinokaizokuShinokaizoku Posts: 98
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Hey Kabam

What about a new limited Energon deal?
It‘s a long time ago we saw something like that. I know some commanders which are waiting a deal to spent money and only buy such packages.

Let us know!


  • TechnobotTechnobot Posts: 616
    In about 2 days, Energon will be available in the Raid Store. You’ll be able to get 200 Energon for 30,000 Raid Chips. Just a thought...
  • Thanks for the hint. But I think the Energon Raid-Deal will be in more or less 8 days in the store :smile:
    Thanks anyway.

    But many peps I know are looking for a deal. Also because of the Fog Event and the needed energy to finish the spotlight.
    edited April 18
    It’s Scout Sig and T3C tomorrow then Energon (200) on Monday. Regardless, an energon deal is always welcome.
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