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Looking for strong bot fighter

Hey together!
We need 4 strong 💪 bot fighter to fill our third group! AM is mandatory and min. d40 is required.
Our ranking average is 100 and better!
We have some trainees now, they will form their own alliance so that we can tackle d50+

You can find me under yuGone in the game!


  • yuGoneyuGone Posts: 6
    edited May 25
    Last one spot left!
    You will play with skilled guys! Commander lvl 55-60 required!
  • sonusonu Posts: 15
    Hey mate, still looking looking for a player? If yes, I'm very interested joining your ally . My in-game name is Adaltiger
  • yuGoneyuGone Posts: 6
    Yep! I’ll send u a request!
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