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Alliance Recruiting [sizz1]. Players of 25-35 levels are invited.

Hello All -
We are looking for active players who are interested in growing their rosters and upgrading their squads quickly. Must have top 3 bots with average ratings of 800-1500. Participation in AM and other events is required. Reach out to me (in game id - yorkdred) if interested.


  • yorkdredyorkdred Posts: 72
    Hi All. Still looking for new commanders who would like to grow with the alliance. We are currently doing AM level 1 (1500 - average AI rating). Don't hesitate, it's easier to grow together:) Alliance tag is sizz1.
  • yorkdredyorkdred Posts: 72
    Update: We are at full capacity now but if you'd like to become a part of our group, contact me via in game chat. My game name is Yorkdred.
  • yorkdredyorkdred Posts: 72
    Update: Need one more commander for battleground 1 in AM. Must have 3 4* rank 3 bots since we will be increasing difficulty soon
  • yorkdredyorkdred Posts: 72
    Update. Looking for one more active player to join our active alliance. We currently do AM level 6 but hoping to go to 10 in the next couple of weeks. We ranked 250 in the last campaign. Must have 3 4* rank 3 bots at minimum. Our tag is sizz1
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