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Anyone having issues w/ ads loading again?

on Android. multiple restarts and switching around game modes doesn't work.


  • UmairKhan05UmairKhan05 Posts: 120
    Alright, I wanna share a tip which works for me most of the times whenever I face a problem with ads. Its not 100% foolproof and u may have to do it 2 or 3 times for it to work. It works for me and is for android. What i do is I quit the game and then go to my Settings. There I go to Google settings which opens up my Account Settings. There u will get an option 'Ads'. Click on it and then select 'Reset Advertising ID'. Click 'Yes' and open the game again. I am pretty sure doing this 2 or 3 times will resolve ur problem. If it happens again, just do this procedure again. I really hope this would help you :)
  • NightpathNightpath Posts: 621
    This is also showing up again on IOS.
  • MystaJayMystaJay Posts: 131
    Nightpath wrote: »
    This is also showing up again on IOS.

    i can vouch for that yesterday (highly unusual), could this be a server issue?
  • BOFADBOFAD Posts: 478
    @Kabam Vydious can you please look into why the ads aren’t loading? They have said unavailable for over 24hrs
  • Faithz17Faithz17 Posts: 840
    I get this issue on iPhone 11 occasionally that ads are not available, then I use my iPhone 10 to open the game and I can click on the ads. The 10 never has an issue with the ads.
  • Down_UnderDown_Under Posts: 139
    Thought it was just Australia's woeful internet, glad it's not me
  • Grimes79Grimes79 Posts: 44
    Same for iPhone XS Max and iPad Pro, iOS 13.
  • Grimes79Grimes79 Posts: 44
    All fixed now it seems. Ad mute button even works correctly again.
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