Alliance Missions: Megatron is here!


Soundwave made an excellent boss, but his time has come to an end. He’s been forcefully removed by the increasingly volatile Megatron, as he returns to take his place as the new boss of Alliance Missions!

But a new boss isn’t the only change. There are a number of changes being introduced! So let’s get down to it!

Map and Node Changes:
We’re shaking things up! It’s time to make some changes to the bots you face on your way to Megatron. While the Forgotten Ruins map will only have 1 change (the Mini-Boss is no longer Waspinator, and is now Soundwave), the Shattered Lands map will see a lot more changes to the bots you encounter.

Minibosses have been updated to feature some of our newer Bots with refreshed Mods (Hot Rod with Buff Duration, Drift with Combo Shield, and Soundwave with Special Attack Stun).

The 3 Lieutenants that protect Lord Megatron have been refreshed as well. Now, to take Megatron down, you and your Alliance will need to take down Ironhide, Rhinox, and Grimlock. The Lieutenants are the 3 Bots that are linked directly to Megatron at the end of the map.

Standard encounters around the Map have also been refreshed, and feature some of our newer additions to the game.

Additionally, remember that there is no longer a Loyalty currency, so there is no longer a Loyalty cost to run the Shattered Lands map, and there is no longer any cost to run the Forgotten Ruins map at all.

There have been some big revisions to the rewards that Alliances can earn, both in Rank Rewards, and Milestone rewards. Although the recent changes to raids and the raid store made Tier 1 Alpha Essence much more accessible to all players, our goal with the fairly minor changes to the rewards was to make more Rank Up Materials available to more players.

You can see the exact rewards and milestones for each of them in game. The goals of the changes to the rewards were to give out more Tier 3 Basic Essence to more Alliances, more Tier 1 Alpha Essence to more alliances, and give a whole lot more Tier 1 Class and Basic Sparks to everybody.

We’ve also replaced the old Tier 2 Class Essence Crystal (remember that one you used to get 50 of?) with a new Tier 2 Class Spark crystal. This crystal will award 500 Class Spark essence of one class, instead of a small amount of a several different classes.

You may have noticed that there is a lack of Tier 2 Alpha essence in the Milestone rewards. This was an oversight, and a new Milestone will be added at 2,805,000 points that awards Tier 2 Alpha Spark essence.

Disconnection Penalty:
Since the introduction of Alliance Missions, there has been a health penalty of 10% when a fight is disconnected. Unfortunately, this has led to a growing trend where some players disconnected from a fight on purpose, so as to not take a loss.

To combat this exploitative behaviour, we have increased the penalty from 10% to 50%. While we know that this can have a negative effect on players that were not exploiting the system and had a legitimate crash, this was a change that we felt we must make because of just how competitive Alliance Missions are, and to protect the integrity of the valuable rank up materials that can be won in the mode.

While we have made some large strides in stability, we know that there is still potential for players to suffer a crash, and we are close to having a system that will ensure that you are not punished for a crash before the fight starts. That being said, a growing trend of exploitation of the smaller health loss must be addressed right now.

This is still just the beginning for Alliance Missions. We still have plenty more planned for the future, and may also be adding more Milestones to this iteration as more and more Alliances are able to obtain them.

That’s all for now Commanders! Go forth, and conquer!
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