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In am fight very difficult

It has become very difficult to play the Alliances mission after the update of 4June Sometimes the game suddenly freezes so much that it is not happening during fight and it is happening only in the Alliance mission to Because of this many of our people stopped playing the game and I am also leaving the game after this Alliance mission. If a good update comes in future, I will start playing again. Good bye for now 😓 I think you should do a survey after all the updates in which you can take opinion of the players.


  • SanjaySanjay Posts: 14
    I've been playing this game since 4/2017 But I wanted to play it a lot more when I saw it.
  • SanjaySanjay Posts: 14
  • SanjaySanjay Posts: 14
    Expired spark worning but spark note shows😂
    WJ received hit in sp3 how 🥴
    How much did the score get ziro 🤪
    Is the grinder dead or alive 🤔🤔😓
  • JIMMY_SABJIMMY_SAB Posts: 1,008
    Enjoy retirement Koli. @Sanjay
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