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Wich one should I buy?

Basically I can't decide between OG Meg and Prowl. I already have them as a 5*(at r1 and undupped)and they're both pretty good bots. Their signatures are also pretty usefull. but if you want to take adventage of them they need a high sig level(but I think Prowl doesn't need it as much as OG Meg), Also I forgot to say, I have 10 tactician and 11 scout 5* programs. So, what do you think?

Wich one should I buy? 11 votes

OG Meg
JIMMY_SABSycko5KittenFirebot 4 votes
UmairKhan05Primerprime5SilverZAMystaJayArklaineCr4zy_WheeljackMegaStrikers 7 votes


  • Gunz0Gunz0 Posts: 2,949
    What other bots do you have?
  • UmairKhan05UmairKhan05 Posts: 167
    Prowl is actually imo one of the best options for AMs. Not that OG Megs isn't but its awesome that u don't have to care of a Special Attack at all if u use him effectively. If in AMs, u need a better bot then go for him, else if u r sufficient there, then u should go for OG Megs. My 4* OG Megs is at sig level 1 and his sig ability is pretty useful as it triggers every 5 hits or so. That said, I think every combo u do will help u steal a buff if the opponent has one. Idk much about Prowl as I hv always been unlucky with getting scout bots out of my crystals. So I won't leave this opportunity of getting him ;)
  • Primerprime5Primerprime5 Posts: 853
    As an OG Megs main, I can confirm that Prowl is the superior choice. He's got the best Power control in the game, and can run circles around the best Bots.
  • Prowl
    If your mostly focusing on AMs and such, Prowl is a great choice.
    You just need to dance around on the battlefield and you will do loads of damage
    And gain a lot of power
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