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Crashing all the time!

The game crashes very frequently during loading screens before fights, rarely during fights and quite commonly during the loading screens after fights.
I play on iPad Air 1 and I have the latest software update, other tablet players have the same problem.
Kabam you are stopping me from getting serious and spending MONEY in your game please FIX IT.


  • CringeCringe Posts: 26
    I need to add that health is lost when you reload the game after the crash, sure it stops people exploiting the game but what about innocent players like me who get punished for it??
  • asparagusasparagus Posts: 184
    A player here pointed out that if you reboot before entering a battle in am, it helps with the crashing issue. It worked for me for most of the last two series in am. This series, no. I've crashed at the loading screen and received the hp penalty four times in this round alone. Nexus 6.
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