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Small List of Bugs and Errors

Hey guys! I've recently downloaded this new game, and it's pretty fun! It's a lot like Contest of Champions, but has a few new features that are also entertaining. Though this game is entertaining, it is new, which means that a lot issues and small errors are inevitable. Here's a list of some to let Kabam know what we're hoping gets fixed soon:
  • After fights, there is some serious lag before it backs out again.
  • The game crashes and freezes quite a bit.
  • The crystal spinning animation is very inconsistent; sometimes it will stop on a dime, and other times it will spin 3 more bots than expected. Please adjust this a bit.
  • Anytime someone says something in the chat, the chat disappears for a second before reappearing.
  • When heavy attacks are activated, the size of the vehicles seems way too small compared to the robotic form. Please increase the size a bit.
That's all I've got. Thanks for reading!


  • MustangjonMustangjon Posts: 1,146
    edited April 2017
    Crystal spinning is just an illusion anyhow it's for fun they've confirmed this on mcoc and this game that the reward is preset whether u tap let it spin ect
    At times it may even show a different reward then you recieve
  • I know that it's only an illusion, but it just looks very laggy and awkward right before it opens.
  • CringeCringe Posts: 26
    Yes the crashing is disabling me from playing the game and spending money.
    I play on iPad Air 1 with the latest updates yet it crashes during loading screens, then when I try to reload the game my bots health have decreased by 20% in raids and FREAKING 50% IN STORY MODE, ARE YOU SERIOUS KABAM JUST FIX THE ISSUE IT HAS BEEN HERE FOREVER!!!
  • TrailfireTrailfire Posts: 590
    @Cringe, looks like you've got a new account. Welcome to the game community :)

    FYI, this is a very old thread. The issue is basicallyresolved. It's usually preferred to start a new conversation than to resurrect an old one (I'm not an admin of any sort, but I can see where this will go)

    Since you're new, I'd also suggest checking out the sticky threads and also downloading Line and adding the 411 info bot. If you don't know how to do that, just ask. But I guarantee you'll get more questions answered that way :)
  • Trailfire is correct. Please don't bring old threads back from the dead.

    Gonna close this thread down now.
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