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How many resources does it take?

Has anyone ever compiled a list of resources required to take upgrade bots (of all tier) to their max rank? For example:

2* max r1 = ~3700 gold
2* r1 -> r2 = 5k gold, 2 t1b ~13k gold
2* max r2 = ~13k gold
2* r2 -> r3 = 9k gold, 3 t1b, 1 t1c
2* max r3 = ~34k gold

If so, mind pointing me to it?



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    Here you go @billygovols — as you’ll see it’s not complete because I did not take the time to count how much Ore + Gold is used for leveling up. Also, I refuse to do track 2,3,4* bots as 5* are all that SHOULD matter at this point in the game — at least to me.

    5* Spark Resources to upgrade rank. Does not include Ore and Gold for leveling up in between ranks.

    R2: T3B (4), T3C (2), T2A (3) - 109,375 Gold
    R3: T4B (1), T3C (3), T2A (4) - 196,875 Gold
    R4: T4B (2), T3C (4), T3A (1) - 354,375 Gold
    R5: T4B (3), T4C (1), T3A (2) - 637,875
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    Thanks @JIMMY_SAB , I should've known you'd have the info :-D

    I hear what you're saying about the lower tier bots but I'm still ranking those up for forging purposes so I've been wondering just how expensive it really is for each.

    I thought it would probably be something useful for the fandom site too.
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    Here's the one above, slightly modified
  • DrShotgunDrShotgun Posts: 2,143
    @JIMMY_SAB were just gonna start calling you Jimmy_Britannica
  • Wow @KillMasterC , this is sweet dude!
  • BlackRazakBlackRazak Posts: 2,806
    @KillMasterC top effort mate.
    Hats off to you!
  • I've translated my forge calculator (Javascript & HTML) to English and I'm sharing it here. You can use it to find how many resource it requires to level up a bot (just fill the fodder info section and click "calculate" then refer to the forge result section.


    This has my vote for best forum comment of 2019 — beautiful work @KillMasterC
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