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8.4 Patch Notes [8.4.3 Added]

Guess what, Commanders! We're celebrating our Three Year Anniversary with a pretty stellar update! Check out the patch notes below!

New Features
• All those Titan Fragments you've been collecting? It's time to put them to use! With those Fragments you get the chance to purchase 5-Star Level bots that were EXCLUSIVE to previous events. (See below for values)
• The standard Bot Pool for 2 ~ 4-Star Bots is being updated to where Commanders have the chance to gain all non-Sharkticon bots (yes that includes Bumblebee).
• Alliance Missions are being reworked and new rewards will allow Commanders to gain up to x16,000 Titan Fragments each week. These start April 2nd!
• Part of the Alliance Mission changes also include a whole new map (and only the one). 45 minute recharge timers. Difficulty ranging from 1-100. The event name is EXTINGUISHMENT and the map is called Fortress of Corruption.
• A new Daily Mission will be available that will also allow Commanders to gain up to x850 Titan Fragments each week. With this they can receive Repair Packs and Boosts specific to AM.
• Repair and Revive Kits are being reworked to a percentage based repair system! (See below for values)




Bug Fixes
• Fixed numerous Bot related bugs.
• Improved performance on some Android devices.
• Addressed an issue where some iconography was displayed in an unintended manner.
• Addressed an issue where the game would crash during extended play.
• Addressed some translation issues that were causing confusion.
• Populated some descriptions that were missing.
• Addressed an issue where Ads were not appearing properly in certain countries.
• Fixed the display of of text when language is set to Thai.
• Fixed an issue where two unresponsive Game Center Buttons appear in the Settings screen when not signed into Game Center.
• Forge XP bar shows Forge Level above cap (100)


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    Version 8.4.2 will be available later today!

    This is a hotfix release that will address the issue where the enemy is reacting too quickly after being attacked, and are able to evade attacks that they should not be able to.
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    Version 8.4.3 will be available later today!

    This release optimizes the way Data is downloaded upon updating or installing the game and should make it quicker.
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